The granting of an accolade is the Canon Law Society's acknowledgement of the efforts of an individual who has demonstrated in a special way the objectives of the Society.  In its 60 year history the Society has awarded Honorary Membership, Ordinary Life Membership and the Papal Order of Saint Gregory to distinguished persons. 

The Ordinary Life Membership is given to one who until reception of the accolade has been an Ordinary Member of the Society.  This award waives the annual subscription fee to the Society and affords entitlement to the Society's Publications while retaining the right to vote.

The Honorary Membership is awarded to an individual who is not an Ordinary Member and who best exemplifies the objectives of the Society. An Honorary Member does not have entitlement to vote. 

The Papal Order of Saint Gregory was originally founded by Pope Gregory XVI on 1 September 1831, in four classes - Knights Grand Cross (1st class), Knights Grand Cross (2nd class), Knights Commander, and Knights. As part of the reform of the Papal Orders instituted by Saint Pius X on 7 February 1905, the grades of the Order were modified by the addition of a Star for a higher category of Knights Commander and the suppression of the 2nd class of Knight Grand Cross, paralleling the grades of the Ordine Piano and the newly founded Order of Saint Sylvester. More recently, the Papal Order of Saint Gregory was modified to include Dames as well as Knights.  Pius X also assigned to the Papal Knights and Dames a particular place in Papal processions and in ceremonies of the Church.

The following are recipients of these accolades:

Ordinary Life Membership

Father Francis Morrisey OMI RIP

The Right Rev Mgr Marion J. Reinhardt RIP

The Right Rev Monsignor Ralph Brown RIP

Sister Ishbel MacPherson SND

Mrs Margaret Foster

Right Rev Mgr Gordon Read MA, BD, JCL

Rt Rev Mgr Jeffrey Haydn Scott RIP

Honorary Membership

Urbano Cardinal Navarrete Cortés SJ RIP

Papal Order of Saint Gregory

Papal Order of Saint Gregory

Mrs Veronica (Ron) Mars,  Secretary to the late Mgr Ralph Brown

Mrs Claire Pearce, Administrative Secretary Emeritus .