Mgr Martin De Groot RIP

Lifecycle     Mgr. De Groot chaplain in Castricum, but a year later he was appointed to study canon law in Rome. After obtaining his degree, he became secretary of the diocese and later also chancellor and official of the ecclesiastical court.

Under Bishop Zwartkruis he became episcopal vicar, member of the cathedral chapter and of the consultors' college. In 1998 he became vicar-general and was a member of the Economic Affairs Council, posts he held in addition to his official position until his retirement in September 2013.

Other activities    In addition, he was an episcopal advisor to the KRO and a member of the accountability body of the Dutch Dioceses Pension Fund and was involved in numerous council committees, advisory and management foundations.

He was also active as an assistant priest in the St. Jozef Church in Haarlem.

His many merits were honored by his appointment as honorary chaplain of His Holiness the Pope in 1985 and the appointment of Knight in the Order of Oranje Nassau in 2005. On December 1, 2017, he was appointed honorary canon of the diocese of Haarlem-Amsterdam.

After his retirement, Mgr. Martin de Groot is still active as promoter iusititiae of the Haarlem court and as a judge in the Interdiocesan Criminal Court of first instance.

In favour of the choral church music in the Cathedral, the Basilica of St. Nicholas and the St. Joseph Church, Mgr. De Groot the music fund Mgr. Martin de Groot. These are the three churches with which he had a special relationship (his grandfather was involved in the construction of the St. Nicholas Basilica).

Right hand of bishops   Mgr. De Groot was in Rome during the second Vatican council, experienced many bishops and worked closely with Mgr. Van Dodewaard, whom he himself had found dead, with Mgr. Black Cross, Mgr. Bomers and Mgr. Point. He worked closely with the recently deceased Joop Lansdaal. Also Mgr. Hendriks was allowed to work with him for a number of years.

Thank you    On Tuesday April 20, 2021, Mgr. De Groot died in hospital at the age of 87 from lung cancer. Mgr. Hendriks writes on Arsacal how he mgr. De Groot was allowed to visit the hospital just before his death. He is extremely grateful to him for all these years of faithful and skilful commitment to our diocese! "May the Lord now give him eternal rest and peace!”

Mgr Martin was until recently in attendance at our annual conferences and a faithful supporter of the Society.

Eternal Rest, grant unto Martin, O Lord, and may he be rewarded for his love of You and the Church.