Founding Of Canon Law Abstracts

Canon Law Abstracts has its own website, which includes an archive of the various abstracts contained in the print journal. It can be found at

At the first ordinary meeting of the Society in June 1957, Father John Barry asked, 'Would it not be a good idea if we did some little publication like abstracting from periodicals?', and the following year, with the approval of the members at the General Meeting of the Society, a new publication was created and named Canon Law Abstracts. The first four issues (1959-1960) were produced in Scotland by Father Barry in Gestetnered form. From 1961 until 2005 the publication was printed by Meigle Printers Ltd in Galashiels in the Scottish Borders. Monsignor Barry edited the Canon Law Abstracts for twenty-five years. He was succeeded as Editor by Fr. Ivan Payne (1984-1992), Fr. John Aveyard (1992-1995), Sister Ishbel MacPherson (1995-1998) and Fr Paul Hayward (1998) who continues as Editor today. All editors have relied heavily on the indispensable contribution of abstractors who abstract the various topics that find their way into the periodical: ecumenism, Church-State relations, the relationship between Canon Law and Civil Law, the means of social communication, issues relating to the family, and the foundations and theory of Canon Law, etc.

Canon Law Abstracts limits itself to bringing the article to the attention of the reader, who may then choose to consult the original and come to his or her own conclusion as to its quality or usefulness.

Founding Of ClSGBI Newsletter

A vital suggestion made by Monsignor John Humphreys was that the Society should start a ‘Newsletter’. The CLSGBI Newsletter started in June 1969 and it has covered every aspect of the Society’s existence and work since that time and some information about the Society’s existence between 1958 and 1969.  Also, one of the elements of the CLSN is the publication of Tribunal Statistics for England and Wales and for Scotland and Ireland.

The Newsletter has become a valuable source of information for our members throughout the time of the life of the Society and therefore the Society's historical archive.